All about ME and You


I am pretty much a nerd. That thing above is the structure of Gingko a mean as brain plant.

I like books, I like writing and I like research papers.

I also like to help people. Not in a I will do your lawns way but in a lets kinda change your life way.

I retrained to be a Naturopath/Medical Herbalist because after thinking about all the careers I could be – this is the one that combined everything I wanted to do and where my strengths lie.

We all get sick, some of us struggle with chronic illness, for others it just might be something more transient. The one thing we have in common is without our health we don’t have a lot.

I have seen natural health do amazing things for my family and I personally know what it can do – as I have been you. On the line looking up what to do help whatever is upsetting you. I had insane anxiety, panic attacks the whole 9 yards. I didn’t leave the house for quite some time – I tried the conventional medical route – didn’t work so well for me. I tried another way. And here I am.

So contact me – lets chat and see if together we can change your everyday.

So why Visit me?

I am like you – a real person, fallible, someone who drinks coffee has fish and chips and watches reality TV.

But I am also a degree trained Naturopath. I am an academic and I have helped people like you before.

Gut stuff – yep. Anxiety – definitely. Poor Immunity – for sure. Skin stuff – of course. Mums – I too have a small human that never slept – I know post natal depletion.

I am also cynically of magic pills and potions or huge overhauls – I am more for easy sustainable change (read lazy life hacks).

I can show you the way to help yourself so ideally you don’t need me anymore. I actually want you to make me redundant – that means you’ve got this.